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AKYLADE Certified Cyber Resilience Fundamentals (A/CCRF) is a knowledge-based cybersecurity certification that ensures the certification holder can demonstrate, through a variety of methods, that they understand all material aspects of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework



AKYLADE Certified Cyber Resilience Practitioner (A/CCRP) is a practical cybersecurity certification that ensures that the certification holder can implement the NIST Cybersecurity Framework by using the Cyber Risk Management Action Plan (CR-MAP) process to assess, identify, and manage cybersecurity risk for greater cyber resilience

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Accelerate Your Career

Better Job Opportunities

Better Job Opportunities

Higher Salary

Higher Salary

Career Advancement

Career Advancement

AKYLADE leverages decades of cybersecurity hiring management expertise to create certifications that go beyond the ordinary

We understand what employers are looking for and have infused each of our certifications with the on-the-job skills and invaluable knowledge needed for success

The AKYLADE Difference

Certifications have become quite expensive and are often out of touch with the knowledge and practical skills you need to be successful on the job

It's frustrating to earn an expensive certification, and pay to keep it current, when it won't move you forward in your career

Here at AKYLADE, we see things differently

With our certifications, your knowledge and experience is validated for employers so that you can get the position and income your deserve

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Our Authorized Training Partner (ATP) program is intended for professional training organizations that deliver training in AKYLADE certifications

We're committed to equipping you with an array of invaluable tools and robust resources, including white-labeled lesson materials and practice exams to facilitate your training efforts

Enrich your training organization's portfolio of courses by creating a world-class learning experience with your partners at AKYLADE